An Anime That I'll Never Forget

First, a personal note here that I should really update my scripts to force UTF-8 saving rather than relying on default settings.

魔法少女まどかマギカ (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica). It's a magical girl anime, the type that I didn't wanna touch, and I'm still not sure if I should watch on a regular basis, because I think, well, magic and all, not gonna be that deep you know? And I've already my fair share of other anime that kinda satisfies the "moe girls" thing. But I was definitely far off for this anime. I mean, I decided to watch it cause, well, the hype about it was just too much for a typical magical girl type anime, so there must be something different right?

True. The plotline was unimaginable. Right up till like EP10 I was still rather confused about what was going to turn out. I definitely had an idea then that the wish would change the world on a certain basis that corrects everything, but I really had NO IDEA that it would be THAT BIG a wish.

The magic part, well, it's kinda expected? I mean, it's magic. You can't really have something quite unexpected with magic. But it's cool as usual, so I'm fine with that. Drawing, simple, and unique (for the witch mazes). Sound was pretty good indeed! Definitely gave the fighting scenes more life. There are sure lots of crying in the anime, but it's not sissy-type. I mean, the situation is really heart-wrenching at times. Nearly moved me to tears too (like Angel Beats! did. I have to compare it with that anime cos that was the best anime I saw before this). (Just a side note, I haven't cried in many years now, 5? 8? I dunno. So making me close to tears is very moving for me already.) But of course, I must mention again, it's really the plot that I like alot about this anime.

I'm the type who is into time-related stuff. Fate falls under that catergory, and so does the entire universe we live in, both metaphysical and material. This anime really struck a chord with me, more so than Angel Beats!, which is also about fate. The execution was just awesome, and the ending was waaay too cool and philosophical. This anime really ends with a bang indeed!
If you're wondering why I relate to this anime personally, well, this is just one post which is closest to what I normally ponder about.

I'm not sure if this anime can do a second season, after it kinda being concluded already. Sure, they could explore the result of the new universe formed, but it will not have the same oomph that the main series had. Probably won't see such a fantastic series appear again for a long long time.

23:22 08 Nov 2011