The Last Tiberium War

This kinda happens when you miss alot of REM sleep. Then they all come together. Those of you familiar with C&C games will understand this better:

Yay! School's out! Time to get back home! "Wait! You going for the philharmonic orchestra auditions?" someone said behind me. I turned around, it was one of my friends. "No, they are just strings. Now if they had a symphonic orchestra, I'd go for it!" I replied, mounted on my bike, and rode back home.

The ride was long. I had to go through the main part of town with lots of lights, people, through busy roads, and past the bay. Finally, I took a left turn and down a cul de sac. It was dimly lit with white streetlamps, instead of the usual sodium ones which are yellow, about every 50m or so. There were houses on either side of the street, and it was rather quiet. A great contrast, I noted.

Cruising down the street, I saw two people running ahead of me. One chasing the other away from me. As I caught up I heard "Hey Jarrel, Jarrel!" Passing the person chasing, I caught up with the person in front. It wasn't Jarrel, it was Song. Dimly lit street... yup...

He stopped me. "Quick! Pass me the other key!" He sounded really anxious. And somehow or another, I remembered background music that reflected the atmosphere. It was a piano solo. I took out two keys from my pocket. One of them was to my house, the other..."Wait, how did this get here?!"

He took the key quickly and ran towards another house. I followed. Opening the door, he pushed me in--

"COMMANDER! THE TACITUS IS UNDER ATTACK FROM ALL REGIONS OF TIME!" I had to stop it! All the way from the prehistoric era to the technologically advanced future, battles were raging - for that valuable core of information that was the key to amounts of data to the basis of the entire space-time continuum (read: the universe) Time was not a problem. We were going to manipulate it anyway. With the time machine built by Einstein, we could travel to each era one by one and counter the attacks. I was designated to start from the prehistoric era. *Shudder*

The whole ground shook, as another of the giant boulders were flung right into the castle walls. "The tacitus!" I thought. The castle which was similar to the one at Helm's Deep was under full attack by god knows who, but it would not resist it for ever. The tacitus had to be evacuated.

With stealth, a small team of us took the tacitus over the mountains and on to the other side, with a dragon waiting for us (the dragon was on our side), got aboard, and flew off silently to bring it to another strong hold where it would be much safer.

We thought that all was over as we left the castle which would fall pretty soon, but another dragon soon appeared behind us in hot pursuit. Apparently, someone had known that the tacitus was on the move, probably because of its energy signal. The bolts fired missed us by quite a bit, but they were catching up, and soon would be close enough to fire more accurately.

Nearly there! But our pursuers were closer. Two more dragons got up as well, and we were almost under a rain of arrows. Twice, we were almost flung off, as our dragon tried to dodge the bigger flying projectiles. Did I mention that dragons breathe fire too? We were almost not going to make it, when suddenly, a huge bolt flew from in front nearly hitting a dragon behind us. We had made it within range of the Black Fortress anti-air defense! Our pursuers disengaged. Mission success!

"Well done commander. Almost all eras have successfully secured the tacitus. You have left one, the modern era. If you should succeed this time, your name will go down in history in all of the universe, as the One," said Kane.

A nuclear missile exploded in mid air above the base, and the shockwaves damaged some of the structures. I set them to repair immediately. Thank god I've got that anti-missile defence system! 10mins left.

Laser tanks, 20 of them, sent towards the enemy base. C'mon, I told them, you gotta go slow them down so that we can survive the last wave! "Unit lost" I heard, as I had the war factories queue more units for the final wave of attack. The ore harvesters were going as fast as they could pouring in cash to fund the production queues. 8mins.

An initial strike force appeared on map. They were drawing in closer. I powered on the base defenses and gathered my units towards the south entrance to defend, and they went down without much of a fight, as I had close to 40 units by then. 5mins.

The final wave of troups appeared. First at the south. Then the west. Then the east. Shit. I placed another queue of tanks on the factories and distributed my units equally among the three entrances. This was not going to be easy. 4mins.

The troops at the south engaged first, and seemed to do pretty well, so I turned to the west and east. My tanks were being destroyed one after another. No doubt my kill ratio was high, but they just kept coming. I could not do much. My factories were not producing fast enough. 3mins.

My neglect of the south entrance proved really bad, the enemy penetrated it first to my second line of defence. Base defenses. Repair and hope. The west and east side were falling as well. The few units I had at the middle of the base were the best I did have, and they were soon being called into play. 1min.

The buildings were taking damage as they tried to cripple my unit production facilities. But that meant that they were not firing at my current units. I called upon those last few units I had to fire, the buildings were going to take collateral damage, but it did not matter anymore. All that did was that last building in the center with a huge ball in the center that the units were guarding - the tacitus housing facility. The units raised their missile tubes. "Faster!" I shouted. Whoosh! Barrages of missiles rained upon the base. A majority of my structures collapsed. But when the dust cleared, the enemy was no more. Victory.

Kane was with me in the space ship. "Commander. You have countered the last strike ever, on the tacitus. From now hence forth, you have sealed the tacitus from any attack in any space, or time! You are a true hero commander. Your name will live in history, in the present, and in the future, as the One. The One who has absolute power over all space and time, for he who commands the past conquers the future, and he who commands the future, conquers the past.
You will now, with the knowledge of the tacitus, and the power you possess, move on to the next dimension. Good luck!"

He pulled the lever sending the ship into hyperspace, as he left the ship to go back to Earth. Space and time distorted all around me, they swirled into infinity, and in a blink of an eye, Earth, previously behind me, had vanished into the distance.

I woke up.

13:29 22 Mar 2009