Well, so seeing that Frankenstein has already declared his loss of marks to the world, I might as well too...

As I said a post or two earlier, I've been slacking alot. Only started studying like the weekend before the papers. Ah well, just read it if you want the details. Anyway, here's the round up:
Chinese - 7
Physics - 7
Chemistry - 6
Mathematics - 6
English - 6
Economics - 5

Total: 37/42

Now the comments...
Chinese is permanent, I took the IB exam last year, and this one's confirmed on my diploma. Yay me!

Physics... a 7. Must be happy right? NO! It totally SUCKS! The range for a 7 in physics is damn wide! This was a 7x mark giving me a 7. One of my worst papers ever! Dammit, should have been at least an 8x or more. I'm basically a bloody 10 marks off, and far... fucking far from the tops in the level.

Chemistry: 7x as well. I SWEAR I WILL NEVER GET LOWER THAN THIS EVER!! To get my 6 I had to go claim marks for a question which was marked wrongly. Normally my claims don't alter grades, but this one did! And I had to because if not it would have been a FUCKING 5. Not to mention I'm bloody LIGHT YEARS away from the tops again... which I shouldn't be.

Maths. 6x. Yay me. This was quite some improvement from the previous times when I keep getting 5s and barely make 6s. Some nice change there. The paper is tough, but not as tough as last year's so I hope that I won't die should the two math paper setters decide to place us on the chopping board again.

English. 6x Decent I guess. I was definitely really relieved when I saw a paper1 16. Frankenstien, Edna and me were quite certain we screwed this one up and at most expected a pass. Paper 2 was 1 mark above what I normally get, so it's so-so. Bright side was that one of the best teachers around was marking it. So if I had a 17, it's a real 17, and no one's bullshitting me on it.

Econs. Wah sad... but expected. Still lying in the 6x range. Essays did better than DRQ, kinda surprising, but overall isn't. I actually thought that maybe this time I'd see an improvement in my econs, but no..... Oh well, maybe I'll hopefully learn the exam ways by next test.

Overall grades seem pretty nice somehow. I think its because I'm scoring in the lower part of the bands, which makes me get more points for the amount of marks I have on my papers. I know I've been slacking, so it's time to turn up the motivation. At least I know I won't fail even if I slack. I think that's the only bright side to this...

21:55 21 Jul 2009