But... but.... but!!!

A great ending to a great chapter of life! The news should be passing through the editors now, and tomorrow, it'll appear in the papers that we have upped our standards yet AGAIN! How long can this go? I wish it'd be forever, but that's not possible. It's not bad that I managed to predict all but one of my own scores, and hence, I feel that I got what I deserved, which makes me rather joyful and thankful! There could have been screwups like what I've experienced before. I have certainly done my best in the papers, and so I have no regrets whatsoever!

However, there's disappointment, and I suppose to a certain extent, anger at the inexplicable regarding the one component that felled me from my self-predicted target. I put in my best, and I really mean my very best into my research paper. It was my pet throughout IB, a 3997 word essay that I had fun doing, every single bit of it. Guided by whom I feel the best Physics teacher I've met to date. Vetted through by the most meticulous physics teacher when it comes to meeting IB rubric requirements. Yet, I've been chosen to be one of the few exceptions who gets an A (predicted) --> C (actual).

Well that's life I guess. Can't have everything you want nor everything you think reasonably achievable. At least my subjects were good. Praise the Lord for that!

But I'm definitely sending in my EE for a re-mark. This doesn't feel right.

21:19 06 Jan 2010