Updates and Housekeeping

Well, I've finally taken some time to update this website. I removed the old gallery, since it didn't show very nice CG pictures to begin with. Terragen was nice, but Terragen 2 is like waaay better, and I never got round to using Terragen 2. Besides, those photos I had in there were only 800px on longest side, which is low res. Instead, I replaced it with a photography gallery of my portfolio, that is also low res, and watermarked just in case, but the ORIGINAL photos are not low res. Meaning that by request, you could get the high res ones.

I've also updated the blog appearance a little. As time goes by, the list of months on the right side bar started to get longer. Since this site is around 3 years old already, that means 36 months will be displayed for you to click on. Rather messy. Instead, for those months not in this year, I've collapsed them into years instead. Clicking on any of those years will display all 12 months for that year. I haven't made a function for collapsing them back, but I don't think there's much point in that. After all, once you click on any of the months, you'll trigger the search for all those posts within the month, and that'll return a new page with the months in collapsed form again.

I've also emptied the spam from the guestbook, and updated my spam filters. Problem with the pharmaceutical industry is that there are always new drugs that are being sold online illegally or at questionably cheap rates. These companies send lots of spam bots out to advertise. Some of these find their way to the guestbook. Over the years I've already collected a large list of spam words that are used for my filters to identify spam. Everything from A-z. It's just terrible how much spam is around, even for a low traffic site like mine, just take a look at the bottom of the guestbook which indicates how many spam attempts have been thwarted by the spam filter. It's above a thousand.

13:00 22 Nov 2011