Welcome to my personal site. This site is more of a sharing space for me to share with you some of the stuff that I'd like to share. The whole site is written from scratch by me, sometime in 2007 I think (I can't really remember), including the blogpage which is an active page. The only part not written by me is the guestbook. I'd say it's pretty fun to handle your own site completely, since you know every single thing about how it works, and you can add custom features and stuff whenever, wherever, and troubleshoot anything very easily. Also, you do learn quite a bit! There are various sections on this website, and I'll introduce them briefly in the following paragraphs.

I took up photography in earnest in March 2010, and I have a number of photos that I've put up in the gallery, although these aren't the best ones (they were put up from my earlier days and I'm too lazy to remove them). My better portfolio is on 500px.com. I'll eventually put them here (possibly for free at low res).

There's a "Projects" page that I've created showcasing some of my personal projects, like the prank project on my school (which failed sadly though it attracted a bit of attention) and my lasers which I assemble. The main page is up, but not all the individual projects are up. I do intend to put more up, and also embark on more projects. I always have loads of ideas, but too little time!

I was a MapleStory fan (and was somewhat addicted to it for some time in the past). I have dedicated a part of this website specially to MapleStory stuff. Those of you who know of, or are from MapleSheets (the website, not the Facebook page) should know who I am. MapleSheets had "died" for some time as there were no more new scores being transcribed/arranged, and we had lost hosting several times. The main website maplesheets.com then maplesheets.net, and finally maplesheets.org, have all came and gone. But while they were without hosting for some time, and not being very stable, I created the special section for those who still searched for MapleSheets and sheet music. I have detailed the history of MapleSheets in the MapleStory stuff section. Just scroll down a bit. It was great working with the people there to transcribe music scores for MapleStory fans out there, but I have stopped playing MapleStory and stopped transcribing MapleStory music indefinitely.

I'm intending to refurbish the site soon with new ideas, fonts, maybe a change in scheme or layout or something... Life is always so busy. Writing for the web can be interesting as you learn lots of things about scripting and a little bit of managing your webserver.

Last updated March 2015