Anonymous Friends

In dreams, often you are with some sort of company, and for me, because I interact socially with my friends the most, at least one is present in my dreams. I may have ever used the term anonymous friend(s) in one of my posts, so I think I should explain what it is.

An anonymous friend is simply put, a faceless friend. You know the person next to you, behind you, or even in front of you is a friend, but you just don't know who he is.

In some way or another, the mind manages to recognise that the person interacting with you or alongside is a friend, but is unable to establish, or unwilling to establish an identity. For these kind of dream characters (DC), you probably won't even see their faces. Sometimes, one could post-analyse a dream and establish the friend's identity by their habits or possibly clothing or voice, but most of the times, I realised that even these behaviours are generic. Maybe one could narrow it down to whether it was a classmate, schoolmate, male or female, etc, but not in very much detail.

The presence of anonymous friends as far as I can recall has appeared as part of a group of friends among them is usually an identified friend or two. I suppose the inclusion of these generic social characters is to increase the group size to make it more realistic or appropriate for the dream situation.

What intrigues me is how the mind is able to make such a character so generic, and yet one still feels extremely comfortable interacting with them. Next time you recall a dream, try looking out for your anonymous friends and how you interacted with them based on just the fact that you know they are your friends and nothing more. I wonder what does that speak about our attitude towards others?

11:21 26 Nov 2009