Damned Ads

I have somewhat grave news to relay. My webhost,, is currently being looked into by some random ventures who are trying to evaluate the business potential of

If you have ever noticed ads on my site (apart from the one right at the bottom about "easy cash" which is mine), this is the reason To evaluate the value of the business.

Forcing ads on my site however, goes against the TOS which I agreed on the 110mb homepage, and since they haven't updated that TOS, I'm legally free to remove these ads and they can't do shit about it. Previously, there was some random "traffic counter" at the bottom right hand corner of the site. This was done by Java, and wasn't too intrusive. But still, I managed to get rid of it within a few days.

Just recently, some rather big adbrite ads have been forced on to my site. If you look at the source code, you can still see them, but most have been removed by some clever Javascripting that other members of have managed to find out.

Anyway, the main point is that I might need to shift host some time by the end of this year when gets taken over by some greedy business. When I do that, I'll leave a redirect here on this page and a pop-up window to remind you to change your bookmarks/favourites as long as possible.

There's of course a chance that the new venture taking over 110mb will be just as benevolent as the previous owners and everything will remain as usual. Just stay tuned for updates.

14:51 09 Aug 2009