Same Place, Different Time

(This is a backdated post as Internet access in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is rather sparse without paying a whole lot for it)

I never thought that I'd be back here again. Chiang Mai, in the same hotel with the same mall attached to it, eating from the same food court, and visiting the same street markets. Of course I'm not really complaining, a holiday is a holiday after all. And my parents have brought me here. So the expenses are well covered =D
But why I'm talking about it is because it's been 11 years since. This place has changed, and has not changed. Changed because you see the food court and hotel has been renovated, the shops have also changed. But the feel of it still remains. The food court still uses that coupon system, and paying 20% more than 11 years ago makes you feel just as full. Things are still as cheap as before compared to Singapore. But, tuk tuks no longer fill the streets. They seem to be going the way of the trishaws in here. The Thais have this sort of van-lorry-like red vehicle that ferries around 10 people at one go, and is quite sheltered. Tuk tuks cost much more than previously, and is only worth it if you have very few people going to a more remote area. It seems to be becoming more of a luxury for tourists only. When we wanted to go back to the hotel last night, taking a tuk tuk would have cost 100 baht, but taking the red buses only cost 20 per person (3 of us in total). Even the locals take these red buses and not the tuk tuks. And when we declined the driver's 100 baht offer, 11 years ago, he would have reduced the price in an attempt to entise us to take it, but this time the driver didn't care and just leaned back against his seat to rest. Luckily, I've already taken tuk tuks enough during my trip to Thailand 11 years ago.

Well, whatever it is, I've changed since the last time I came here too. Now, armed with a DSLR, 3 lenses, and a new carbon-fibre tripod, I aim to seize as many good photo moments with my developing skills as an amateur photographer. I think I'm getting better. I mean, I'm mostly used to taking products under studio setting or vast landscapes. Here, I hardly get an opportunity with landscapes. Instead, I have a shopping centre, a night market, and some cityscape at my disposal. Of course, people are everywhere, so that's something else I can capture. It's certainly not easy to find good moments, but when they arrive, they're quite unique and beautiful. Portfolio to be updated soon in the gallery!

13:45 12 Dec 2011