Crossing Dreams

I remember, every now and then, there will be an error (or at least I think it's an error) with my dream memory. I'm talking about memory within a dream itself, not dream recall. What happens is that my subconscious seems to generate a false memory on the spot of some situation that happened before. The effect is that I feel as though I'm experiencing the scene in the current dream for the second or "more-th" time, and it creates a feeling of, "Hey I think I've dreamt this before." The strange thing is, no matter how far back I try to recall (I don't log my dreams anymore unless they're really exciting ones) I can't remember any such dream happening before. Hence my conclusion that the subconscious generates a false memory.

I may be wrong, as it's quite impossible to ascertain whether those memory from previous dreams were fabricated by the subconscious, and this morning just proved something to me.

The dream I woke up with, i.e. your last dream that ends with you actually waking up, was about me being in the school choir again, and leading warm-ups. After which, I was having a conversation with my juniors. I told them what I had been doing lately outside (outside of what, I have no idea. I didn't mention school, nor army). One of them suddenly remarked that he had seen me outside before, during one of the events, which suddenly made me recall a previous dream. That event he was talking about DID happen in one of those previous dreams. It was a MapleStory related, movie screening, server issue, Miku concert, event. I know it sounds screwed up that it was a mash of things, going from one to the other, but that's the way dreams are. Anything goes. But the thing is that that dream occured earlier in the morning. I remembered practically the entire dream which that event happened and all my junior did know, and talked to be about, was one small part of that dream. Of course, while in the dream, I didn't think it was a dream (or I would have done other stuff), and neither did I think the recalled dream was a dream. In a sense, the dreamworld is consistent. So dream memory DID hold consistent and present in my subconscious enough that it could be recalled in the next dream!

Now this casts some doubt over my hypothesis that the memories I recall during dreams of other dreams previously are falsified. Hmm...

10:02 07 Dec 2011