YES! Finally! No more of that nonsense. I can openly say that the only 2 things I'll miss from that place is some of the people who were really great to work with, learn from, and nice to be with, and the pay (but I'm gonna get a better one soon anyway). The rest are good to get rid of.

Once again, another phase completed, and into the limbo between two phases. Limbo's at this moment seem to be the best place to be. A lot of time for personal stuff and enjoyment, which reminds me of the Japan Trip which is really coming along nicely. Almost everything is completed, and should be in 1 week's time. I'm not feeling that elated yet, but like Justin was saying, it's probably due to the weekend being no different. The real feeling should kick in on Monday, when we have our ORD celebration, and not need to have to go to camp!

The NS tag will take a pause, as you won't see me update that anymore for a long period of time until reservice starts.


23:59 03 Dec 2011