Annoying People

These rag and bone men who make too much noise.

I live in a pretty quiet neighbourhood, sheltered from the noise of the mainroad by tall 16-storey flats. We have quite a bit of greenery around as is not uncommon in Singapore. On nice days, you might hear cicadas as well! Night times, you might hear crickets. Then come in these pesky noise makers who keep honking their handheld horns in an attempt to buy old newspapers from us. No. I will never sell to any of these people.

There used to be a time where these rag and bone men were considerate. They will push their dolley from door to door calling "karang guni". And of course, they don't do it loudly or they can't keep it up forever. One or two might have a small horn, which they honk once or twice every now and then because they are the ones who can't keep calling so loudly.

You hardly see these "good fellas" around anymore. Nowadays these inconsiderate bastards buy louder horns and keep honking it as though they get paid per honk. They never bother to call or even SAY that they are "karang guni(s)". A large number of them don't bother to come up to the corridors either. They stand in the carpark making a HUGE DIN to the chagrin of all the residents in that area. And then there are those who like to peep into other people's houses as they walk past.

I hereby declare again. I will never sell newspapers or anything for that matter to these inconsiderte bastards, and I would like to encourage everyone else to do the same. If they do not put in the effort, and irritate the hell out of everyone, they do not deserve our business.

Would you eat at a restaurant who serves you by rudely slamming the plate of food on your table?

16:20 30 Dec 2010