Return to SG

Well so that's it. End of holiday. Almost perfect. One more day would be nice to try going to the beach. The wind and waves were too strong for swimming... at least until today. Damn. Oh nevermind. I thoroughly enjoyed myself relaxing in the hotel room, eating, and snapping pictures. I'm a landscape and still life photographer. It's what I currently do best, and thus have the most experience in (not to say that I have alot or am very good at it).

The pictures have worked out well so far, and I am very thankful to the extra boost in inventory of photography equipment albeit temporarily thanks to Kyle =D. 10-22mm lens was excellent for capturing all the landscape shots, and the interiors and exterior of the villa too. In fact, I hardly used my 18-55 lens except for getting close-ups of the boulders along the beach from the lobby which is located on top of the hill, and also close-ups of the waves pounding on them without getting my camera wet.

The food was good too! Although rather expensive. Each dinner cost us close to $200 for the 3 of us. And that's ala carte. If it was those set meals with a glass of wine (as they like to put it), it would've cost $250 and above. Nevertheless you do at least get what you pay for, ambience, service, and all.

If you're willing to spend that kind of money for a wonderful resort stay and experience, I would recommend you go to The Banyan Tree resorts. It need not be in Koh Samui. They have many resorts all over the world, including one in Tibet that opened recently too.

23:18 21 Dec 2010