Hello from Koh Samui, Thailand!

Haha, the first time I've blogged from overseas! Koh Samui actually means Samui Island, and is on the southern west of Thailand around the middle of the gulf.

This is probably the first time we managed to get such a great resort. Normally, the prices of the resorts are very expensive, but due to this one, The Banyan Tree, having an opening promotion, we managed to get a nice package. I've always wanted to stay in one of these with a personal pool, and so now I finally get to! And what's more is I have my DSLR with me to take some great pictures. Good for practising my photography skills, as well as getting as many pictures for memory sake.

We had to make our trip as cost efficient as possible. Our flight landed at night, so it'd have been a wasted 10 hours of hotel stay if we had started off with The Banyan Tree. So we went to a cheaper resort first just for one night. It has no free internet access, so I guess you know where I'm blogging from now.

I might be a person who rushes from place to place and try to do as many things as I can as quickly as possible, so you might ask me if I can actually take this kind of holiday, where you stay in the hotel mostly, or in the resort, and just relax for a few days. Well, I my fast pace is in the interest of efficiency and wasting as little time as possible. When it comes to relaxing, it's different. To achieve maximum efficiency, one has to go as slow as needed to reduce the taxation on the body. Yeah, I know I'm being a bit scientific here, but that's how I see just about everything.

Unfortunately.... it's been raining ever since we landed. I really hope this clears up, if not I can't get the best pictures... sigh...

16:19 18 Dec 2010