Dreams About School

We were having dinner last friday after the Combat Skirmish when two of my friends told me that they dreamt about IB even though IB was over. I think I recalled some fb statuses saying the same thing too. Strange, I say. Probably means that the subconscious is secretly longing for IB to be back, or rather unused to the freedom now experienced during post IB days before NS. Huhx mentioned that it was more of a nightmare than a dream, so at least for him he's coming to terms with his freedom haha.

Just two mornings later, i.e. Sunday morning, I had a dream relating to school. It's not IB related though, and goes like this:
We were selected for some scholarship, and were all done with our university applications. Our cohort was having some sort of gathering in some hotel in a temperate country. Charmaine, Jia Yan, Kevin Low, Jarrel, me and a few more anonymous friends were gathered on the rooftop of that building talking with our great physics teacher, Mr. Terence Chiew. There was quite a bit of snow on the ground (or roof for that matter) and as we were talking, sir brought up an invitation to some of us who did really well for a journey to the south pole. Incredible! I was all up for it, and so was Jarrel, but the rest were a little hesitant. After a while more, the rest finally made up their minds. I remember Charmaine also decided to go along. We wanted to let the others know, and dashed into the building and down the escalators. The escalators were very long, around 2-3 levels, and the walls of the building were dark orange...

See? Very current, pertaining to the phase we are going through right now, with hints of strong anticipation of success. Ok, but that's not really the point. The point is that on Sunday night, after dinner with some of my friends at Hanabi, we walked in to check out Illuma, and well... waddaya know? The interior of that building at certain parts is orange! With a long express escalator that goes up 3 levels! while descending one of the escalators, the vision seemed similar, although not exactly the same which resulted in no d�j� vu feeling. It's a rough match anyhow, since: 1. It's not a hotel, 2. It has no carpeted floor, 3. The express escalator doesn't go downwards. Only up.

But I cannot deny that it's a rather stunning coincidence, and all within a short space of time of less than 24 hours.

19:55 08 Dec 2009