My Very First Blogpost

Ok! So I have started a blog! Suprised? No? Well up to you really...
So hmm what should I write on my first post... I guess I'll state a few accomplishments about this blog. Yep! Even though this has only been around for like... a few hours, it's really accomplished alot!

Well firstly, everything you see, is scripted by hand... yes... painstakingly typed out on the keyboard in notepad (++ if some of you know it. Helps with the colours so that I can see what I'm doing easier). Why go through so much trouble? For one, I get total customisation. I also get to learn stuff. For instance, this website has let me learn to some degree html, java, and php (php rocks btw. Can do so much with it!)
The tagboard took me one whole day just to do it. Can get frustrating at times with all the bugs, errors and stuff, which is why I got notepad++ anyway (thanks to Jarrel =) )

Ok so now that the "bragging" is done, I'll get on to other stuff... The new year's coming, and I'm getting worried about my EE not having any success so far. My mentor has been really kind to me and optimistic. (Well I am too... but I'm still nervous) I just hope that I don't have to switch topic. Well partly because I've created this blog, that I have wasted time for EE. Heck even my TOK is only half done (800/1600 words).
*Sigh* Guess I better get on with these tmr (slacking and procrastination are suprisingly common)

21:56 29 Dec 2008