I'm Not Japanese

It's truly wonderful, the things one can do here. I've just woken up from one of my longer, and rather memoriable nights. The Anglo Japanese Society had organised a dinner and karaoke session in London with the people of Cambridge, and 3 representatives from Ernst and Young. Now, Ernst and Young may not have much to do with me, considering my career is fixed for the first 6 years or so, but Japanese food definitely does, and so does karaoke!

Of course, as one should expect, when joining such a society in a place like the UK, practically all of the people in there were Japanese, in whole or in part, and spoke really fluent Japanese. For them, there was no better opportunity to talk in Japanese, and so that's what they did all the way through. The staff at the restaurant we went to were also Japanese (that's why the food was good), and it kind of brought me back to Japan with the whole atmosphere. Quite interesting.

I couldn't participate at all in conversations since my Japanese is really horrible, but they do speak English (it's the UK after all), so I wasn't completely left out. But it has really motivated me to continue studying and improving my Japanese. Hopefully by the time I'm done here, I'll be able to participate in such lively conversations. It's quite funny how one's character changes when speaking in Japanese particularly.

18:39 04 Nov 2012