Readying to Buy a New Tripod

Well. It's been like... 4-5 years? since I got this aluminium tripod that I've used quite a few times. It's pretty alright, and I got it for $50, which isn't alot to pay for. That also explains the quality. At first, well, I thought, "This thing doesn't shake! It doesn't topple when the wind blows, and operates quite smoothly! Awesome!" But as I now know, the issue isn't with those problems. Hell, you'd be better off holding it with your hand if your tripod couldn't do any of those things I just mentioned. No. A tripod needs to be much more than that.

So as usual, I start to trawl the internet when in need for some knowledge. "Knowledge Harvesting" I call it. (It's a resource after all.) But it's pretty time consuming, and usually, I tend to get a little distracted here and there. When you look for something on the internet, it's like opening up a tree diagram. (Not the one from とある魔術禁書目録) And me, being the curious type, and wanting to know more, will always end up taking at least one, if not, more branches just to see what's at the end, or at least, what direction it really takes. But it's quite interesting. There's quite a lot of "theory" in photography.

So anyway, I'm ready to buy my one-off (hopefully) light, sturdy, and mobile tripod for general purpose uses. A Manfrotto 190cx.... that part I haven't decided: 190cx3, cxpro3, cxpro4?
I'll decide tomorrow at the shop. Stay tuned!

21:18 29 Nov 2011