Triple Lucid Dream Combo

What a nice way to bounce my way back into dream exploration! It's probably due to lack of sleep from all the parties, but it sure gave me a nice jump back to being a part time oneironaut. Out of the three, the middle one was the longest, and I shall take an excerpt from it:

...I flew up about 5 storeys high over the rolling plains with a few anonymous friends below, and hovered calmly. Then I tried with all my might to bring down snow upon the land. Once, twice, some snow fell but it wasn't enough. Suddenly there was a pop-up window telling me "Fire! In 15 seconds." counting down. I wasn't sure what it was about, but I continued hovering and waited till the countdown was over. A volcano exploded over the horizon sending an extremely large cloud of ash over us. That was enough! I thought to myself. This is not what I want it to be! I motioned my hand in the direction of the clouds and did the exact same function as a photoshop eraser clearing off the ash clouds returning the clear blue sky above us all...

Pretty fun, although I can see that my terra forming powers are kinda limited. Not bad for a first try though. My mastery of flight is almost complete, considering now I can hover, I just need to be able to do it more often, and try to achieve high speed flight. Typical flights are at most at around 40-60 km/h. I'd like to try for proper light aircraft speed at around 200km/h.

Oh well. More practice I guess.

21:12 29 Nov 2009