A New Beginning

Yes I'm back. I know I'm later by 1 day than I said. Forgot about the partying for that day, so excuse me haha.

Now, most of us are and will be experiencing a new phase in life. The IB Experience has ended, so has secondary and post-secondary education. For the girls and our excellent foreign talents, it's Unis straight away. For the rest of us, NS.

I wonder what I'll take away from all these years in the school? My intended career path is in Research, and I will not be touching Economics and Literature anymore. So many adults say that we will only find application for a mere 5-10% of what we have learnt in school. Maybe... But I think the figures should be higher. Yes, no more debating what a country should do to reduce Structural Unemployment for me, no more conscious finding literature devices in a novel or passage, but we aren't in school just to learn these. We have learnt how to handle projects, worked as a team, handle deadlines, picked up analysis skills, practiced writing essays that express our thoughts, our opinions, our ideas. We have learnt to handle all types of relationships � peer, authority (teachers), Subordinates (juniors). We have handled pressure, stress, anxiety, worry, maybe even very short episodes of depression(?). All these are also part of the learning experience. School's more than just a place to gather knowledge. We gather experience as well. That's what matures us, allows us to make better decisions in the future based on comparatively trivial mistakes committed in the past. It is what many of us overlook as we go through our daily routines in school despite benefiting from it all subconsciously.

When we lived our last day in school officially, I didn't feel anything. It was merely an official date where us students were no longer there to attend lessons. But now, it is different. We are no longer required to go back for any reason at all. We are truly free from IB. Our task there is complete, and that's why we graduate. I'll definitely miss the school, and I'm sure I'll miss it in that particular time coordinate, not just the school itself. We all will.

I'm really thankful to everyone who made my experience as such. I hope we'll all be able to keep in contact as we brace ourselves to travel yet again into the unknown.

15:36 19 Nov 2009