What I Really Want From Here

I just finished halfathoning (half marathon) "魔法少女 Lyrical Nanoha A's" and it's a really nice show. Far better than the first season. Well maybe not that much, but it's distinctly better at least. And why can I do that? (halfathoning that is). It's not like I'm slacking off my work (well maybe a little), but mostly because I don't go out at night. I don't get what's with the clubbing attitude. On most nights, I'll hear some form of loud music, or a group of people loudly walking past (I'm almost on the ground floor so I can hear them easily), usually around close to 12 or so. Presumably from a club (which is quite nearby my college).

Maybe you might think I don't socialise much, and I guess that's true in some ways. But it's not that I don't want to do so, but that form of socialising, is.... not really socialising. You can't even hold a decent conversation with loud music blaring at you. Plus, I do join alot of clubs and go to their activities. I prefer that sort, where you get to know people who share the same interest (often with more passion) as you.

That being said, while still being early in my 4-year-final-phase (before being thrust into the working world), I feel that I should be setting an overall goal for this 4 years. Well, first class degree is kind of taken for granted that that should be my highest priority, since that's what I'm here for in the first place: The degree. But then, you know, a degree is nothing but a piece of paper in the end. It may land you a good job I guess, but then throwing 4 entire years away for that ALONE... definitely feels rather pitiful, and, well, boring.

So what should I be looking for here? Hmm... Contacts? Well, that's quite business-like, and it definitely opens opportunities in the future, as well as provide support. Not to mention the contacts gained here have a very high chance of being extremely worthy. But that's kind of a hit and miss thing. It's not possible to get that many contacts while maintaining them all at the same time. So as long as I don't end up being a total shut-in, that's fine.

Exploration? Yes. Now's a good time for it, but what should I explore? Photography is one of them. Great opportunity here for landscape and outdoor, simply because of the high lattitude. Other hobbies, clubs? Yes, trying that out. Any others? Well... it's difficult to think about them. Especially if I don't know what might be in store for me as of yet.

So, maybe I shall just keep it simple, and not think so much about it, but there should be a rule of thumb to follow. And I believe, the easiest, most concise thing to aim for is this: Do things that give you stories to tell.

In essence it captures living to the fullest. If you can tell a story of your experience that captivates people, it's definitely an interesting one. Not that everyone wants to listen to your life story, but if you think it makes a great story, in the sense like, "if I heard that from someone else, I'd think that's pretty awesome!", then it definitely is.

07:09 17 Oct 2012