My First Badge

Unless you count IPPT Silver that is. Not being at a true combat posting and being physically mildly limited means no CSB and other opportunities for other interesting badges. Nevertheless, I got my marksman badge! Just on the dot too � 29/36 shots. It's been some time sice I wore the SBO and I guess it feels great to be in it again like a true soldier.

I'm also approaching 600 live rounds fired (lifetime). Yeah I keep track of it. You don't get to do that much throughout your lifetime see? Cherish every round fired!

Anyway, for the night shoot, we were given 2 lanes each, and 12 shots. I managed to hit 13 targets, and I missed 1 target too. Heh. Some nei gong (internal energy) at work here! (no, the others didn't cross fire into my lane.) Apparently some shock must have reached the adjacent lane target board thus causing each of the two of my rounds to hit 2 targets simultaneously. Awesome eh? I don't personally count those into my score, but if I did, I would have scored 31/36 which is rather good considering this is ATP.

I really love to go to the range if it wasn't for spending so much time there... I don't care what others say. Shooting stuff with real rounds always gives me a kick.

09:36 14 Oct 2010