Last Chance

"Captain! Bogey sighted approaching rapidly at 3600 sec/hr dead ahead! ETA 10 - 11 hrs!"

We knew they were coming. Our long range scanners had picked them up while they were still on the order of 106s away. We dared not believe. Many hopes were resting on making it through safely. Yet it was useless, for our short range and higher resolution scanners confirmed their detection about 300,000s from the ship. Now they were in sight, all the while, never waivering, always at the same speed. There was little we could do to prepare except maybe psychologically.

"Man the stations people! Brace for impact! I fear that not many will survive this... May God help us all!!"

Well, I just felt like posting this in case you're wondering. The title's not meant to have a double meaning for those who can catch it, but I guess it works too.

23:17 08 Oct 2009