I've been holding back my blogposts since the RSS feed updater seems to be giving a little bit of layout problems and screwing around with at least, Google's RSS reader. But since this is an important post, I have to post this regardless of whether the RSS side screws up. How many people use RSS anyway?

So my next phase in life is up. Been through Secondary (and post-secondary), which seems to be more commonly known throughout the world as high school, and then followed by my National Service, which shaved off 2 years of an already short life (until more secrets of aging are unlocked). I then entered the limbo period which was probably the best period of all. Took an awesome trip in Japan, and then faced a little shortage of money (and experience in general), which made me take up an internship with my sponsoring company, for the rest of the year, before I am where I am now.

It probably wouldn't come much as a surprise to most regarding the slight lack of spare cash, since I have 3 money sinks, two of which are huge: 1. Photography equipment (in total, about 6k and counting) 2. Anime figures, merchandise, and event tickets (which is close to 4k, and counting). 3. Jubeat and Reflec Beat. (over 1000 tunes, which costs approx 500+, and counting)

Well, for the last one, technically not "and counting", since there's no availability where I am right now. But yea, I am, finally, starting university. Sad the limbo period is over, since, that is... well, by my reasoning and experience so far, the most free and awesome time of my life (although I didn't really make it as such), and possibly ever will be. I mean, you can't really feel the same way once you've gotten a permanent job, and are given more responsibilities and stuff right?

I must say I still haven't really come to terms with what I'm doing right here. I mean, you know, I felt really excited when I first learnt that I'll be coming to Cambridge, but after that, I could never feel that same excitement again. Maybe it's really because I've covered it under a cloud of worry. Considering it's the first time I'm living overseas, and the first time in a non-classroom style environment (I've never had a lecture-tutorial system before), there's alot of uncertainty around.

While uncertainty is what makes life interesting, unpredictability is always packaged with it in amounts sometimes being more generous. This case happens to be one with a generous portion of unpredictability. What happens next will totally depend on whether I'm cut out for this or not, and I really hope I am.

But more importantly, what happens next will determine whether I enjoy this place to the fullest extent it may have been meant to be, or just pass by it like a passive observer, or, this is my wish, to steal more from it than it was designed to give. I want to be able to provoke a response from everyone (including myself), along the lines of "That's not how you're supposed to do it! It's not fair! I don't know how you're doing it, but you're cheating!"

06:26 29 Sep 2012