Dream Simulation Fail

It actually wasn't my intention (i.e. I wasn't lucid), but it's still something worthy to talk about. I was supposedly overseas on holiday, with my parents (as usual), and we were supposed to be in Japan. Now, at this point, I'd better give some background about what happened recently to put things in perspective.

Firstly, you should know I'm studying Japanese on my own so as to make trips to Japan more convenient, which brings me to the second point. The trip to Japan has been confirmed, and we've started booking tickets! Thirdly, I've just returned from China slightly over a week ago (on holiday with my parents of course)

So, we had just finished seeing something (one of those, you know, tourist attractions), and got on a bus. Unfortunately, we didn't know exactly where or when to get off, so I decided to ask one of the fellow passengers. I tried speaking to him in whatever little japanese I knew, and he just replied in a whole string of gibberish which sounded like japanese. It wasn't actually. Simply because it lacked ANY of the grammatical structure present in all sentences. I knew he wasn't speaking japanese, so I thought (at that time, now it just seems ridiculous) that he did not understand me, and tried again. I was kinda desperate for an answer, and my mind must have thought so, but in any case, he suddenly replied in mandarin. WTF!!? We're in Japan here! I speak to him in mandarin, and again, suddenly he replies in english. Ok, cut, that's all the relevant bits.

So what's happening here? Clearly, my standard of japanese hasn't reached a point where even my subconscious could actually make up a proper sentence in japanese that I could analyse and understand. It's not that I can't make full sentences (for those of you on facebook, you'd know that) but I couldn't make a sentence in that situation. So, my subconscious fell back on to mandarin, the most foreign sounding language that I could at least converse in, and then when it shocked me and seemed out of place, it switched to the most familiar language, english. Thankfully it didn't start cycling through ALL the languages I've been exposed to or it'll really be a WTF indeed.

So as you can see, anything is possible in a dream, but there is just one limitation. If your mind can't imagine it, then it can't be conceived.

12:23 03 Sep 2011