Sleep Paralysis

This is an extremely interesting find! For today, I had managed to complete all needed tasks early in the morning. The battalion hadn't returned from the field yet and weren't due to till after lunch, so thus I took a nap at the lounge. I was pretty sleepy of course (having only abt 5 hrs sleep per night and today being wednesday already).

After the initial hour or so, my sleep became lighter as expected, considering only a semi-comfortable position (I tend to have problems sleeping in chairs). Some short bursts of REM sleep followed, but dreams were rather fuzzy, and consist more of thoughts than other things. Here's the catch though:

Towards the end of the dream, some sounds from people entering the room permeated my sleep, and I heard them. The lounge was empty before that, so I wanted to wake up to look at who was entering. Only thing was I couldn't. Yes! I tried to open my eyes and it only half opened. I saw my hands still clasped together, fingers interlocked, but I couldn't see much past my knees since my eyelids REFUSED to open up fully, and my head was tilted down. I tried to move my hands, no use. I was paralysed! I thought, "hey this is something, lemme try to say something!" (In some violent dreams I've had, on purpose, I ever ended up shouting the last line out before I woke up because I failed to remain calm enough. This was some test along that line) So I tried. "Hey!" my mind said. "..." was what came from my mouth which was a little open as usual when I sleep. I was like "What the...!? Ok this is strange! And yet awesome!" I tried again, "Hello!", "..." something like a little grunt. Alright, how bad is this? Could I overpower it? "HELP!" (I didn't know what else better to shout, since it would seem strange if I actually did shout out anything other than for help). *sigh*. I actually sighed! Audiable I think... but no words. The cleaning woman who was mopping the floor not far away continued, and she didn't seem to respond, so I presume I must have sounded like a normal person who was sleeping. I closed my eyes again and concentrated. Then suddenly my feet moved! It was then I realised my body was numb, and my tactile senses were regaining myself, like flowing through my body from my feet up! I could move again! WOW!

"That was interesting!" I thought, "Maybe I should try it again!" So I fell back asleep. Somewhere somehow, I kinda gained consciousness like in a lucid dream. My mind was awake again. "Hey let's try that again!" So my eyelids shot open! Except only halfway... "Hey! This is it again!" I attempted to observe what I could see. The cleaner was gone now. There were some people behind me at the computers talking. "Come on!" I told myself, "Just give your best strength!" It was like I was fighting against myself, and yet I was thoroughly enjoying this. I tried to punch, kick, stir in my chair, shout (and the usual sigh came out). It was no use! Paralysed. Totally! Worse than stun spore! So I gave up. "Just go back to sleep" I thought. I closed my eyes, and amazingly, I managed to move my arm. Again, my tactile senses flooded through my body. This time from my arms. WOW!

After those two tries, I stopped. That was enough. I had experimented all I could. No point trying it again. Get some rest now. And so I woke at 1130 later for lunch...

20:59 22 Sep 2010