No Sweat

So I'm two weeks into my new posting, and so far things have been going pretty ok I guess. I'd love to say it's perfect, but I can't. The job is perfect yes, but there's always the people, and until I get to know them better and until after one of them leaves, I'll just say they're ok for the moment.

It's been nice so far though. The SAF administration side seems to have a wealth of things; quite a number of which I personally manage. So there's some opportunity for making use of them too. And of course, you get to see the result of screw-ups where stuff are bought and then end up being used as a dust collector or space filler. Some of these stuff are still pretty useful though, so while no one else uses them, at least I do...

Then there was outfield on Tuesday to Wednesday. No choice, stay in. Or out, depending on how you look at it. But, thanks to many OUVs around, all we had to do was hop in, get to the place, hop out, disturb the reservists a bit by playing as the media while other trainers played as civilians, film all these for AAR, and repeat the process. And when I returned to the office on Wednesday afternoon, I checked. My uniform still smelled fine. We didn't sweat at all despite going outfield!

So, because it has been apparently quite slack so far, I've alot of time to myself, my thoughts, and my plans. This has led me to become more of myself again before I entered army. You know how they say army kills your brain? It's definitely true, and thank god I'm having a chance to revive it! I've been reading up on science stuff, computer stuff, planning for a post-ORD pre-uni trip to Japan, and planning for uni applications. Yes, I do need to plan for the last item you read. There must be some way I can show them that MIT is for me... hmm... Oh nvm, you're probably not really interested in that.

And oh yea! My iPod Touch has never been as useful to me as it is now. Notes function and PDF reader ftw. I'm picking up some japanese too! (memorising the hiragana "alphabets" now)

22:59 03 Sep 2010