The Brain as a Computer (Part V)

Remember what I said about RAM? Recent studies in the UK suggest that doing activities like catching up with friends on facebook and playing RTS or RTT games improve working memory. Apparently, that's what the human version of the RAM is called.

Just think... if you can increase the amount of working memory that you have to a large extent, it would allow you to work out very huge problems without a piece of paper. Say goodbye to the days of papers full of rough working! Like how a computer works, having an upgrade in working memory would allow processing, i.e. thinking, to move along faster simply because there isn't the need to try to retrieve information for processing. Take a problem sum for example where you need to perform 3 different calculations seperately, then combine them into one to get a final answer. Having enough working memory, one would be able to remember all 3 results and combine them into one immediately rather than referring to what had been written on a rough piece of paper for working.

So play more games people! and excercise your working memory. It'll help you in life!

20:59 11 Sep 2009
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