Awesome Last Teachers' Day Celebrations

Out with a bang I suppose. At least for us. Resonating with the rest of my friends, it's the last celebrations that we have enjoyed, and I don't think universities celebrate Teachers' Day on such a large scale.

I'm amazed at the improvement in the whole program for this teachers' day. Firstly, there were lights that projected "Happy Teachers' Day" on to the stage curtains when they were closed; something never seen before. I'm also amazed at the talent our school has. A student sang some slow jazz while playing on the piano, and boy was it good! He'd have passed off as a commerical artist if it wasn't for the fact that he was there playing live. A great tribute to MJ done by a group of people, self-initiated, and rehearsed in a very short period of time, followed by another dance by our CCA group to the music of "Grease Lightning" taken from a very old musical: "Grease", really had us mesmorised. But the most impactful of all was the SA7, omigosh... TOTALLY UNEXPECTED! Never knew they'd do such a thing. Their lyrics were funny indeed, while also reminding us about the school rules and thanking the teachers for their hard work and dedication to the students.

It's one heck of a teachers' day celebration that I'll remember for some time!

00:03 01 Sep 2009