"Sound Driver" Fault

In dreams, certain weird phenomena may appear, that is, outside of the usual dream weirdness (as if the dreamworld wasn't weird enough). I don't quite understand this, but there are times when awkward sounds or unusual situations cause my sound driver to experience problems. This time, it was traffic noises. It was during one morning about 2 weeks ago. I was by the road (I can't remember why) watching the traffic. I recall vividly that as each vehicle (mostly cars) went by, my mind simulated the sound pretty much correctly. It had the usual grainy-ness for diesel engines, and the Doppler effect on each of them. However, something was slightly amiss.

The lingering of each sound was slightly too long. Kinda like how a sound "rings in your head" shortly after the actual source disappears, this was exactly the same, except that since everything was in my head, it just ended up as a longer sound. The decay was unusually long (to put it in proper sound terminology). This may have been the cause or the trigger for some other complication, but after a number of vehicles, the "base noise level" built up and I began to notice something amiss. Turning my attention on to it just made it worse, and then it started to grow like a positive feedback system. At this point, the noise became coarser and coarser, losing its fine detail as a wash of traffic noise and becoming more like a jackhammer (much like a jammed CD). I woke up with the sound still ringing in my ears.

Deciding that this was too strange (and that I had experienced something similar before) I decided to investigate. This was the first time I was this successful. After closing my eyes I ended up in a great "test lab". It was a traffic T-junction with a flyover (basically enough road for lots of traffic). It's modelled after the one that's near my house. I should mention here that this dream started as a lucid dream directly. (In a sense you could say it's a WILD but I'd say it's more of an instant MILD.) The one before I woke up was only lucid at the very end where I noticed the sound getting louder and louder.

I let one car pass by, then another, and another. The "long decay" effect was gone. I couldn't get a whole bunch of cars (or mixed traffic) to come by, but I thought it was good enough, and didn't cause my "sound driver" to experience problems, so I moved on to the next step. With the cars continuing, I tried to get the largest combustion engine land vehicle to mix in to the traffic and roll by: armoured vehicles. (Not to mention I am actually in Germany right now.) If anything, these low rev large engine vehicles would have very coarse sound that could replicate the fault. I couldn't. They didn't want to appear. So I thought, "if they won't cone to me, I'll go to them!" and tried to teleport by "closing my eyes and reopening them". I woke up. Damn.

I went back straight to sleep in frustration. Teleporting and conjuring had always been difficult to achieve. I thought I had given up, but I found myself back at the same roads again. Ok, one more try. I flew up above the flyover and the junction to get a good view this time. Hovering over the flyover, suddenly APCs started to drive by below me from behind. I watched as a whole convoy started to roll by. I could see and hear about 5 armoured vehicles now (not only APCs). Heavy diesel engines, all of them. No sound driver failure. Hmm...
I woke up.

04:10 04 Aug 2015