Matrix Phenomenon

REM Burst! (almost as amazing as brain burst, but at least it's real)
I've never actually thought about it before, but during this REM burst, this phenomenon affected me quite a bit, and I'm trying to figure the details out.

Basically, I was with a group of people (likely the entire OBS group since our chairman was there) who was going to do a photo group shot. I first helped set up the equipment, while the rest changed into their formal attire, and then went to get changed myself. However, when I exited the room to get changed, I noticed, the clock's second hand started to accelerate, and went spinning so fast that in the 2-3mins I took to change, it was already an hour gone by. To verify, my watch, and the clock down the corridor had only moved the 2-3mins that I actually took. Time had accelerated within the room! And when I returned, they asked why I took so long. Alot of explaining had to be done.

The phenomenon was still present as I tried to pinpoint the cause of it. It seemed rather apparent that I was the cause of it, and whichever room I exited would accelerate in time. The only way to maintain two places in sync with each other was to stand at the door/border of the two places, or rapidly walk back and forth between them to balance the acceleration.

Yet more puzzling was that "the next day", so called (dreams tend to do a cut scene, so you'd assume that to be a day passed or something, depending on the situation), the phenomenon stopped working mysteriously. Instead, I found a bent pin in my pocket, which I somehow came to realise that it kinda symbolised bent space-time, and was the source of the phenomenon, which is why it was somehow caused by me (the pin's in my pocket). Strangely, even after knowing that I was the cause of it, I couldn't actively control it. Dream manipulation level not high enough I suppose. But that's not what I'm trying to point out.

The phenomenon worked flawlessly "the previous day" and suddenly just ceased to work no matter how hard I tried. Yes, I realised you can have limited dream control without achieveing lucidity. It's very similar to other inconsistent phenomenon that I've experienced. A door is locked and you can't open it, but when you run down the corridor after a significant event (like maybe, finally losing the monster that's chasing you), it opens. It's almost like an RPG which changes your routes after completeing certain objectives! Why I term it the matrix phenomenon is because without warning, the environment can suddenly be "reprogrammed" to be different than previously known.

So why is this phenomenon present in dreams? How to overcome it? I've ever forced through these kind of stuff, or went around it. Things like the strange force that prevents you from punching a person which was attacking you was overcome with brute force of will that also ended up waking me up in the process, and punching the wall next to my bed. But so far, I haven't managed to counter (nothing that I can recall) the phenomenon in any other way.

I guess this one might never be solved...

09:01 04 Aug 2012