Flying Away

And so ends my life as an OOC at Lima. This is my last day here and what a way to spend it: weekend COS duty. I don't even get to claim my day off! Oh nvm, small matter I guess. After all, the office comes with air-conditioning, no phone calls, no cookhouse duty, internet, lots of power (in the form of electricity) to meet my needs AND wants, and a nice quiet environment.

Things seem to have been cut out for me these few months. I've met the correct people, gotten advice and help as I needed, and now I am being posted out to somewhere with what appears to be a day job with a good pay, which would give me plenty of time (and money) to work fully on my university applications. Army now feels... different. Like it's here for me to get another chance to apply for MIT. *Sigh* My dream school, but oh so difficult to get in.

One might ask why I need so much time to apply just for MIT. Well, apart from saying I'm also applying for other schools, I need to complete my projects and other supplementaries that would set me apart and make me jump out of the page. Heck, I need to figure what to submit to actually leave an impression on the admissions committee. Which is why being here right now, at the company office, undisturbed, is great for me to figure that out. For any readers out there, this means that there's gonna be an update on the "Projects" page sometime soon!

Enough about the future for now. Let's return to the present. I've just woken up from sleeping away the morning as usual albeit in the office rather than at home, and after a few months of dry spells, I finally have gotten back to spontaneously (and somewhat unintentionally) gaining lucidity in my dreams! The one I just had marks the 3rd in a span of 7 days. Unfortunately, it seems I've lost a bit of my flying skills. I can still jump rather high (5 stories?), but no self-propelled flight without elaborate actions of something along the lines of swimming. Apart from that, I still do not apparently have an altitude cap. Damn... gotta start practicing again.

12:40 21 Aug 2010