While Blueland battled Redland over Goldland

I'm an OOC personnel as you could have guessed from two posts ago. But of course, there was this huge gap when I was silent during my BSLC training. That, I am fortunate to say was an enjoyable time for me. In some way or another, my section seemed to click better, there were more jokers, and everyone seemed to be more vocal and comfortable with each other. Our commander not only set high standards for us, but lived up to such standards himself. His motto for specialists was to be able to "get things done" � and we all did. We completed our basic navigational assessments 3 hours before stipulated time. In response, they shifted the bus timings 3 hours forwards for an earlier bookout! Dinner was not indented thanks to foresight and mainly popular vote (which we voted for after the first bookout from PLC).

Such flexibility was present throughout the course. The command team valued feedback and they did act upon it. We were truly left mostly to run our own show, nay not left, forced (in some sense). If we didn't, there were negative consequences. The man behind it all was of course our OC. His motto has been, since the first batch he took, "train leaders, not men", and has shown much positive outcome including our batch as well. He was inspiring too. 28 years in the army, he still led our morning 3km runs each and every morning, and our 28km routemarch at the finale of our course.

So let's go on to what I've been doing recently. 3 weeks into ASLC, which isn't alot, I'm out. So I can't say much about this course except that it's more tiring than the first, and the command team sure isn't as gd. That's just my point of view though. Anyway, it's like being backstage now, where you see how the entire show is being run. I must say it's quite an eye opener, and in some sense, a luxury. There are things which I've seen that's raised more than one eyebrow, but nevertheless fun. There have been things I've learned (good ones) even though I'm OOC and somehow or another, I've sort of risen a little to a managerial role, so this is gd practice for me. Now, I'm looking towards another place, another experience, and more skills to learn, since OOC doesn't last forever and ASLC is coming to an end soon.

13:38 10 Aug 2010