So Many Things to Do, So Little Time...

Last stretch of secondary education. Now's a pretty big leap to the next step, not so much in terms of level of difficulty, but more of the system. It's thanks to National Service somewhat, that I can sorta take my time to apply for scholarships and universities.

I probably fall under the exact same catergory as Demel. It's not that I can't afford a good overseas education, but I'll never want to put such a heavy burden on my parents, even if they are willing. So I've made a simple promise to myself: Scholarship � I'll go. No scholarship � I'll stay.

With that said, university applications are already opened, and I'm starting on my dream applications. Man, it's really long... I hope the early start will help. I'll also need to 'bugger' the teachers before everyone else does and get a good evaluation/recommendation/testimonial that they have sat down with time to consider and write, than being caught in the mad rush to churn out praises en masse.

This being the last year I am in this school, something also calls out to us for making a mark on everyone. So that's gotta be worked on...

I have to schedule a date for recording my EP (extended play. It's smaller than a mini album) that I composed, which has to be done before the final international exams (for certain reasons).

My lasers project; I have completed one of them which you have seen, and I still have another. Despite this having no deadline, I'm imposing one on myself because it'll help me with the uni apps.

Then with the completion of the projects and stuff, I should be updating my site to hold all of these in full detail. That'll take some designing and coding. Not to mention I should also update the MapleStory page which has been sitting there for coming to 2 years now, not showing anything worth really showing.

Lastly, the prelims are coming. 3 weeks. After that, 4 weeks till finals...

�"How now brown cow?"�

20:00 25 Aug 2009