So today marks the last day I'm in a school choir. 8 years. Not short, but not as long as some friends that I know. Still, it'd be something to be missed, for the music, harmony, fellowship, and something to do after school. It's been a long ride and I'm glad to say that I've enjoyed just about every bit of it.

The last performance in a school choir was tonight. We promised ourselves (at least the year 6s), and our audience, that we'd make it our best FOA ever, and it indeed closed our years with the choir with a big bang that almost created another universe!

I must really thank the teachers for their choices of pieces for tonight's show, for it gave us ample opportunity to exhibit our talents. Jazz, Ms. Wan's speciality, and boy was it cool...

As the new committee takes over, I hope they'd adhere to some of the old traditions that we've passed down, for it is those traditions that allowed our ex-members to still feel bonded to the choir, to be able to relate, to feel as one despite being many years wiser. I see new changes and unexpected circumstances. This time it's different. I wish them all the best.

(For those who don't know italian, the title is pronounced "Fee-Neh", and itallian doesn't have the little stroke over the "e", so it IS spelt correctly.)

23:45 14 Aug 2009