Dream Lag

Lucid dreaming has been rather slow lately. Probably because I haven't been so determined to have them, and at the same time also lack of sleep. My counter stands at 107 (had my 100th in May).

Just this morning I noticed something rather curious. During one of my dreams, I looked at my fingers, and thought to myself "I should really go cut my nails, they are getting long", and then realised immediately after that that I had already done so just yesterday! I was in actual fact, looking at how my nails looked like two days ago. That realisation was what caused me to notice that I was dreaming. This observation is similar to what I noticed in the past.

A few years back, one of my lucid dreams had me looking at my wrist watch for a reality check. The real life situation was that I had been wearing a Casio wristwatch, which was blue, for several years before it broke just a month before the dream and I bought a black one of the exact same model to replace it. In my dream, I still saw the blue one when I raised my hand to check the time. I should think that because I was so used to seeing a blue watch when I checked the time, my mind hasn't gotten used to the black one, and thus the appearance of the blue watch in my dream.

So, it appears that there is some sort of lag between my dreamscape reflecting real life. Another discovery from the dreamscape...

22:15 09 Aug 2009