Time Jumping

Been lacking some sleep and not much time to practice dream recall after waking up either recently. But anyway, about some time almost two weeks ago, I had a rather enjoyable dream. This post will contain my dream recall, and yea, it's a bit messy.

A few friends and I (around 6) of us were in this empty ballroom just playing about when we somehow spontaneously broke into a musical kind of song. It was very nice, with harmony (probably 4 parts) and the whole room was ringing with our voices. When we were done, we heard a loud applause outside the room, so we burst out to find that there was some kind of ceremony for some awards taking place in this other ballroom. It had just ended, and the guests were making their way to the restaurant for a reception. The crowd was quite thick, so we split up to try to get there as fast as we could. It was fun as it would be running through a crowd. What's more was that we had headsets, and a wireless communication network setup among us, and could communicate with ease.

2 of my anonymous friends reached the restaurant, which we had a table reserved, first. I managed to get there just as they were about to start ordering the food. Radioing to my other friends still in the crowd, I asked what appertizers and drinks did they want, and placed their order as well. Apparently it was supposed to be a celebration of my birthday, for I was having this cake with a yellow candle on top of it. Unfortunately the restaurant was really sucky. They ran out of several dishes (could be due to the crowd) and cakes. So I was having like a slice of some nice cake with my candle on it, placed on top of another lousier cake. The restaurant also made us reuse our own plates and utensils for the next few dishes because they had no more clean plates and utensils since all the plates were used up due to the large crowd. I was mentioning that it was a very lousy restaurant to one of my friends. I had to do it through the wireless headset because the place was so noisy.

The scene changed. We were at one end of some kind of runway, and this space was divided into two by metal walls. We were on one side of this partition watching some kind of gamers' convention. On the other side was another kind of event happening simultaneously, but different, hence the partition. After a while, we decided to cross over to have a look at what was happening but only to find that everything was gone, destroyed, and the whole area was in chaos. The strange part was that just only half an hour ago, we had peaked a bit and we knew that the event was going well. So what happened? Totally mystifying.

I decided to investigate and took out this device from my pocket. It was a small cork cylinder, around a cm by 2 cm with tiny hands of a clock on it. I held it by the curved surface and turned the hands back half an hour. Then I shifted by fingers to hold it by the flat sides. At this point I realised somewhat that I was dreaming, but since I liked the plot, I decided to continue with it anyway. I concentrated a bit, and BAM! We jumped half an hour back in time. Unfortunately we also jumped in place, and we were far from our intended destination. Luckily for me however, we happened to be at a castle of one of my friends (lol, who owns a castle these days?) and I sensed that my device couldn't provide enough power to jump 6 of us again, so I left 2 behind saying that I'd come back with more time devices. I had left my blueprints in a notebook in the hotel with the ballrooms that we were in earlier on, and a hotel always has many corks leftover from opening wine bottles. The hotel was 2 hours from where we were, so taking the remaining 3 friends along, we decided to jump back 2 hours in small half an hour leaps to allow time for the device to recharge.

The device unfortunately was totally running out of power and I feared that we would not even be able to make it after 1 jump. So while on the bus towards our intended jumping location (remember the jump is mostly in time, not so much of space), I decided that I should take just one last friend along, and we alighted at the bus interchange. I told the other two to wait, and together, we jumped back 1 whole hour. Only half an hour was left to jump, and I was quite sure we could not make any mistakes this time, or we'd be stuck forever in that timeline we jumped to. So, while the device was recharging, my friend decides that he'll use the toilet, and goes off. I notice the bus interchange that we were at was made of complete polished gray marble. Really elegant and lovely. However, I realised that as I was waiting for my friend to return from the washroom, that my memory of the events that has happened so far was starting to fade due to the long plotline as you evidently can see (and have already left out some details. My log of this dream is 1500 words long), so I decided I'd better just end this, wake up and write it down. So the dream ended here.

A sacrifice of the conclusion for a more detailed recollection of the dream. I think it's quite worth it. Especially since it was a weekday morning, 2 am.

23:15 03 Aug 2009