Party 4x Over 60 Hours

A big thank you to my fellow bloggers: The Wull, JK, and Demel, for inviting me to their gatherings to celebrate their coming of age (more or less). So much partying it feels like I'm the one celebrating.

Anyway, I've experienced "time dialation" again. Certainly feels like an entire week has passed since Friday when I went for the first party. A long time ago indeed. And it feels like more than a year since I celebrated mine. Mind you, we're all in the same year, and it's actually been only 6 months since mine, exactly.

It's such a gratifying feeling to be able to live "in extended time" whether it be by coincidence, or on purpose. I only have 2 months left before this "NEET period" is over. Gotta treasure it damn well.

Parties seem to be the most "dialating" of all the activities you can do, with com gaming and movies being the least (in fact, those two probably do the opposite). Sleepovers dialate the maximum since you obviously don't quite get very good rest when you sleepover and you don't sleep early either, making it seem like a very very long night indeed. For Friday's we slept at like 4am on Saturday, and until 9am only. It certainly felt like I slept at least 6+ hours, so add that to the extra 4 hours because we stayed up, and woa...

Like I've said before, the more memories you form, the longer time seems. Memories are proportionate to no. of activities, so go figure. This was definitely one of the longer 3 days of my life. The longest 5 days is probably OBS that I've mentioned. Of course army field camps might have been longer, but I usually supress those memories and they get very little analysis, so they're invalid for most comparisons.

(In case you're wondering, I attended another party in the middle of the second, and then came back. It's not really a party per sae, since it was my uni gathering for freshmen, but it sort of is too. That made the second party feel like 2 parties as well, so you could imagine how it all felt like.)

22:44 29 Jul 2012