Unnecessary Prep

Well, I've entered that season again. Where I'm so busy, that I have to sacrifice some stuff like sleep, and my plentiful leisure activities.

One of my goals for this year, if I haven't mentioned it before, is to gain a better appreciation, and be able to talk to my more experienced friends about anime. However, with only coming to a 2 year history of watching anime, I'm lacking the years of history that the rest have lived through (talking about 10+ years there). So I intend to catch up. But! I also can't afford to let the current airing series-es slide because firstly, these series will become history as well, and secondly, the less popular ones (of which some I'll probably like) will be very difficult to get.

So basically I need lots of time to accomplish that (although it is small matter). But not forgetting my growing figure collection, and hobby in photography, I also need the money. Currently what I'm doing as an intern is paying me well, and I'm learning a heck lot from the projects and assignments I'm doing. Problem is, I need to trade the time in for money (full working hours), which leaves me less to spend on my goal.

I also have to maintain my social connections, and since people are readying to fly off, this means gatherings, lunches, dinners, etc. This is added on to the preparations I have to do for myself, which includes camps, and more gatherings. Of course, there's driving too, which I, regrettably, didn't start much earlier.

Made worse currently is that for the scholarship presentation ceremony, we have to put up a performance in front of the guests (i.e. press + ministers). I find it very badly timed, not to mention that as a group, we lack the skills and calibre to pull off such a show. Lastly, even though they know that many of us are still interning and hence working full hours, they still expect us to go through all these rehearsals. And not forgetting that besides the rehearsals, I also need to finish up the video which we'll be singing to. The others lack the skills, so I can't blame them. But gosh, this is really so unnecessary.

And all for what? Fun? Amusement? I really don't believe in getting all this stress for a performance that can't even compare to what our local schools are capable of. Sheesh.

19:20 19 Jul 2012