Lah, Leh, Lor, Loh, Liao, Har, Meh, Mah, Hor, Siah

What do they mean and how do you use them? This article by The Straits Times gives a few example sentences. But being rather isolated sentences, it doesn't quite give the full idea. I decided to do a short dialogue example instead:

*Ah Boy goes into a shop with a friend*

*takes out shopping list*

Ah Boy: "Uncle, dis one, have anot?"

Owner: *thinks a while* "Dun have leh."

Ah Boy: "Har!? Dun have meh?"

Owner: *searches around* "Dun have lah!"

Ah Boy: "Dis one leh?"

Owner: "Dun have liao."

Ah Boy: "So fast ah?"

Owner: "Popular mah."

Ah Boy: "Liddat, den dis one dun have hor?"

Owner: "Gone loh."

Ah Boy: *turns to friend* "Dun have siah!"

Friend: "Told you dun have one lor!"

*both exit*

05:43 13 Jun 2015