AFA Malaysia (End)

The journey back was uneventful, and we did stop at the same stop we stopped at when stopping on the way up.

While there weren't many pictures taken in total, I'm quite happy with the performance of my camera equipment, and also gained more experience on taking photographs in a crowded place — it's difficult to move around with a deployed umbrella, but also difficult to deploy fast enough. I definitely need to brush up on one-handed shooting. Maybe use a prime 35 or something since I can't zoom my 17-55 with one hand unlike my 10-22 with an incredibly light zoom ring... hmm...

The merchandise is nothing to scream about, although the autographed CD of "After Eden" IS something to shout about, but that's the only thing there worth. Apart from that, only a Kalafina T-Shirt...
Oh, the bright orange light sticks were really cheap there! 5.00RM per light stick! Should've gotten more to stock up.

At this rate, I will definitely not go to AFA MY again if given the choice. But for the next 3 years, and also this year, I'll be missing AFA in Singapore, and that leaves me no choice, especially if they bring good artists to AFA MY. By the looks of it, I won't be going to AFA MY again.

Even Kurosaki Maon was lost for words to describe Malaysia, and ended up landing on "自然" (hiragana: しぜん, romanji: shi-zen), in other words, natural state, or if you want to interpret it further, undeveloped.

20:18 10 Jun 2012