Same Ol' Stuff

One of my bunk mates sees another on his bed reading up on navigation.
"Eh wah so mugger ah?"
"Tmr got test u noe!"
"O shit ya! okok I oso go mug now"
Another guy comes back from showering about 5mins later.
"Wah! Everyone so mugger sia!"
"Yea what... tmr got test, u no need study ar?"
"Aiya nvm, I study tmr, go sleep first"
"You sure anot? Got alot to remember u noe!"
"Can one la" (but then after lying down for 5mins, he mutters "sian" and picks up the book to mug)

Around half hour later:
"Come come I test you: What's the use of orthogonal aerial photograph?"
"Eh? What the heck is that? Since when got? Shit shit shit..." (flips frantically through the book)
"Aiya that one not tested la!"
"Eh u two don't scare me leh! I remember only top down and oblique aerial photograph tested la!"

Really brings me back to school days. Just like the moments before our exams: People testing others; getting freaked out by something they realised they didn't know; desperately searching through the book to find the answer to memorise; finding out it's not actually tested... the usual. There are some things you can't run away from. I suppose it's also partly due to our coy being made of people from the enhanced batch from BMT. Our academic attitude is similar and so ingrained in us that it just reveals itself the moment we see:
study -> test.

12:35 02 May 2010