100 Lucid Dreams!

I've been waiting for this day a long while... since November 2005, when I learnt the techniques of lucid dreaming and how possible it was, I've been practicing. About 2.4 lucid dreams per month. Reasonable I guess... Stephen LaBerge, the PhD guy who scientifically proved lucid dreaming. Apparently he have a lucid dream any night he wants. I'm still far from that, so more practice is needed I guess.

My 100th lucid dream IS special coincidentally. Except for a private moment before that, it's the first time I actually experimented with time. I sped it up, I slowed it down, and I skipped a few mins here and there.

It started off by her telling me that it was late, 1515, and I should be going. I told her that time's an illusion. I said, "it could be 1530..." and I looked at the clock, true enough, 1530. "...and even 1600..." I looked back again, as expected, 1600. "...and it wouldn't matter. Time is but an illusion". I then showed her how I sped up and slowed down time. We were in a balcony, so we could see all the passerbys on the road below. (You know, how on TV when u see them speed up the film of people walking along the street? Well, that's what we were seeing)
Soon, it turned dark. Sunset... oh well. However, I noticed two suns, instead of one. "Two Suns! Lol!" (Ok, this is a pun on 2Moons, an MMORPG. I have no idea why I made that pun. It's an unconscious pun... somehow. I didn't conjure up the two suns. I just noticed there were two suns and it immediately came to mind.)
Then I told myself, I should wake up and record this down... and woke up.

"Time is but an illusion" - unknwown

10:31 31 May 2009