Come Visit the Smallest Area in the World with a Dateline!

Well, waddaya know? Enter the school and you'd have had to forward your watch a day ahead. Exeunt, and you'd have to reverse it! Going to school has never been so interesting! The school has just had a dateline set up around the whole campus. Step in to it and you are one day ahead, step out, and you are one day back. This is the world's smallest, largest, and ONLY area bounded by a dateline that closes upon itself! Even the International dateline is only a line. Some might even go to the extent of calling this a datecircle!

But wait! It gets more crazy! Tomorrow, it'll be THE OTHER WAY ROUND! Oh no! Stepping into school will bring you one day BACK, while stepping out of school will bring you one day FORWARD! A reverse of what was seen today!

We are indeed the first school in the world to ever have a dateline around the entire campus! Some new strategy I bet... Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and so, by Wednesday, this dateline will cease to exist, and our lives will resume to the usual, you know, boring stuff...

So catch it while you can! For two days only, visit the world's ONLY SCHOOL with a DATELINE surrounding it that REVERSES itself the VERY NEXT DAY! Prices start from $499.

17:15 25 May 2009