An Encounter With Myself

I'm not sure why this happened... Could be the caffine from the night's buffet, but my typical 12 hours of sleep gave another explosion of dreams. This time however, they were more practical. It felt as though it was part of life. Nothing extraordinary... so much so that it was totally an escape from reality. It was an entirely different world (figuratively. I was still on the Earth we know). In fact, upon waking up, I felt so different from when I slept that I knew I'd have to tell myself continuously that it was just a dream, and that the world is still what it was, and that I have not just experienced anything new really. So..... weird.

Well, anyway, what startled me most was, quite typically, the last dream I had before I decided to wake up for good. I was on holiday, in Japan, and was talking to a friend's son, who was about 3-4 years old. He was totally bilingual (Jap and English), and was intellectually developed enough for me to hold a proper one on one conversation with him without having to simplify any ideas I had. I only saw him once, when I first met him, and after that, I was basically talking to him in his pram, while pushing him around.

Somehow or another, the conversation reached the topic of why I was rather bad in languages and other humanities, but good in sciences, to which I replied that I decided to specialise quite early in my years. I gave the analogy of some RTS games which gave you points as you progressed in the battlefield that you could use to upgrade certain superpowers. The points you receive are never enough to get all the superpowers, and thus you either choose to have all, but at a low level, or one to few at very high levels. That's specialisation.

The thing is that after I woke up, I realised that I wasn't really talking to that person. Who is he after all? In my dream he was a "friend's son". That friend wasn't identified, and was totally unknown. The person whom I was talking to asked questions... The questions came from somewhere. It wasn't from a simulation of a person. I had met friends in my dreams before, and I'd assume that my mind would simulate their responses to me in the dream. However, this person was an unknown person. I had never met him before. He was not a stranger either, as I was talking to him personally as I would with a friend, so it wasn't a simulation of a stranger either. It was me speaking with myself. Conscious against Subconscious.

15:21 23 May 2009