Accelerated Learning (Part I)

Another exploration I guess. I've been thinking about this idea for quite a while already... something like half a year at least. Somehow, I find that as I grow up knowing more and more, I wish I had known all this at a time much younger. For instance, I'd love to be able to carry my current state of mind to back to around the physical age of 7 or so. Then I'd be able to explore more, and play with the knowledge that I possess. It also allows me to have more potential to develop ahead.

Of course, from my perspective, what I am mainly talking about is my adequate grasp of the subject of physics and chemistry. I feel that there is not much time now to do interesting things with this knowledge, owing to lack of time, and basically, learning seems to be just learning for the sake of learning. I don't know how that might change in the future, but for now, this is how I feel. But of course, time cannot be turned back, so I'm happy with what I am now. Yet I cannot help wondering, that with a certain system to educate someone since birth, would it be possible to have an accelerated learning, and a really fun time learning as well?

Some of you might think that education kills our inner child, and that we should not start school too soon so that we have a chance to play. I hear this sentence quite often when dwelling into this subject, "Let him play! He's still a kid!" While I whole heartedly agree to that, I believe that there is a way to educate, actually, more of imparting of knowledge to a really young child, while still letting them enjoy the joys of childhood. Think about this: When you were a child, how many ways did you know that you could have fun? Now think, what if you could do all that you can do now to have fun but while you were younger? And remember all the times you wanted to construct something, but lacked the know-how? The time you wanted to drive but realised that there is no car small enough and didn't know how to make one, or the time you wanted to throw around real bombs but had no idea how to make one...

I believe quite strongly in the saying that "Knowledge is Power", and so, imagine if all these know-hows were in you when you were younger. That would be some awesome childhood, not to mention that you continue learning more as you grow so that by the time you reach adolesence you would be as knowledgable as a professor while being still full of energy for life and biologically more able.

So well, how can someone achieve that much of an accelerated learning to be able to be that knowledgable when that young? From what I know, I'd say that the thing that differentiates those who are smart and those who are not so much, is the ability to learn independently, and to have a passion of course. The internet is a very useful resource for independent learning, as it contains much wealth of information (not to mention misinformation), and I personally like using wikipedia for broadening my knowledge base. Yet, I often stumble across the problem of reading an article, finding 10 or more terms that I do not know, reading those 10 articles on those terms and finding another 10 more terms I do not know in each article... basically, I can't learn for the lack of basic knowledge. Over the years, I seem to encounter less of this, but it still proves that you need knowledge to aquire more knowledge. Inevitably, a teacher is needed to start this off.

For a teacher to be able to teach a student, the student must be able to understand what the teacher is teaching. In comes language, and it seems that that is basically the most essential thing to teach a person. Once communication is established, much like a call is connected, information can flow from one end to the other with ease. Thus, a parent intending to provide a child with accelerated learning should first strive to teach the child language asap!

This intro is pretty long, so I'll leave it for another part to further explore the teaching of language.

23:14 14 May 2009
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