Free At Last

When you throw aside everything just to focus on something for a while, and then it's over, the snap back to reality can be a bit depressing.

Math test tomorrow, along with the need to make up for an English test. Essays and other homework... The only difference being that this time, I have no more real excuses. But really, I'd prefer choir practice anytime to doing all these stuff. I guess I'll just ride the waves and I'll come up again in terms of spirit!

The Chorale Central Judging for the Singapore Youth Festival was very screwy. Gold with Honours and Silver awards in a proportion of about 50/50. The rest of the awards only had 1 choir getting them each. Go figure.

I feel pretty sad for our choir, not because we only managed to get a silver (granted I had hoped for a gold), but rather because of the sad looks on my choirmates. I feel that we have done our best, and there is not much we can do already, so whatever is given to us does not really matter. There is no reason to be depressed, unless you didnt sing your very best that you could, or put in the best effort you could during the practices, then yes, go ahead and be depressed. But if you already did your best, liven up, and move on. Plus, you can take comfort in the fact that we are a mid sized choir (on the small side). No small/mid sized choir gets a gold award or above. Ever.

Oh well, full steam ahead for academic stuff I guess....oh and... o nvm.

22:15 05 May 2009