THX Deep Note

I'm sure practically everyone who's ever seen movies would be familiar with Deep Note, the nice wide and grand sound that accompanies the THX logo as it fades on to the screen.

For some reason, it just popped back into my mind somehow, while taking a short break in revision. Turns out THX just released its v2.0 of Deep Note about 6 days ago (after 30 years!). Maybe I somehow sensed it?

It's really a technical piece of sound really, generated using randomisers before converging to the final bare octave chord, and now, is definitely much more intriguing to me. Considering that I do a bit of signal processing and information theory, I decided to take a brief look at what this sound piece really is, and I'm glad I'm not the first one to try and do so. Batuhan Bozkurt has managed to create a similar synthesiser sequence to get out the idea of Deep Note (not the actual sound of course, or he'd be sued) but it's a great run through of what Deep Note really is, and I think it really gives you an appreciation of what goes on.

Btw, here's the new one.

You probably won't find much difference, because Youtube only does stereo. The real ones (they have several versions) are up to 16 channels and play around with the focus of the sound as well.

And just for kicks I'm gonna try getting a choir (probably of myself) together to try sing this out. I think it's a great way to open a performance, since it kinda tells people that you promise good quality sound lol.

04:59 09 Apr 2015