Dreams ∝ Learning

It's kinda interesting... With more brain activity during the day, I seem to be having more vivid dreams in the morning. I feel I've gotten closer to the past where my learning was exteremely comfortable, enough that I could mess around with formulas to try understand their deeper meaning. It's not that I actually can now, due to the apparent complexity, but I eventually hope to be able to do it.

In the recent few days, I've probably been running my mind near maximum, "downloading information". I've brought myself up to date with the latest technology and happenings in the LPF (last time I visited was in 2009), drafted out an accurate way (hopefully) to measure power of a coherent monochromatic photon beam using free convection and black body radiation formulas along with a method of calibration that doesn't involve a beam of known power, found a new source of electronics parts with free shipping, designed a power supply of input 4-6V and output dual rail +-12V with <1mV ripple, learnt about how bitcoin works, mining, how to set it up, how to connect to the pool, and now I'm learning about using solar energy to power home devices.

It's been an extremely long time since I was this active. Army was the worst. I hardly spent any brain power from day to day, and I think my brain almost literally got rusty. I'm falling behind, and I don't feel top notch anymore. Well, hopefully it'll now change or something. It's also with tab hopping (when internet browsing) that my concentration has dropped a little, and with what we're learning in the engineering, I need to be using full concentration in quite a lot of areas to fully grasp what goes on.

As I get less and less rusty, I noticed that I get better and better dreams. My previous peak in Lucid Dreaming and Dreaming in general was somewhere in 2006-2007, which precisely coincided with my best performance academically. So there's probably some truth in saying that dreaming is the result of the brain organising itself, or "defragmenting/chkdsk" to put it in a more relatable term.

09:14 13 Apr 2013