Getting Worse

You know, I hate to talk about this on public space, but things are really getting worse around here. It's barely past the first quarter of the year, and already all sorts of problems are showing up, all sorts of excuses/non-answers/promises(probably empty)/contradictions are appearing in response, and nothing is getting better.

Thing is, the problems alone are fine if there are steps taken to resolve it, but there doesn't seem to be any action. In fact, the symptoms (the problems) point to a negligence since a very long time ago, as well as either terrible foresight, or a deliberately dirty devious plan.

I doubt it'll change anytime soon. We have till 2016, but by then, alot of things can happen, and it will not be an easy 4 years like this. In a time as late as this, to resolve such problems, drastic measures are actually needed, but no: gradual and insignificant measures are taken. But yet, while on one hand, something is seemingly done, on the other, nothing is done, and the result is the two effects cancel each other out, leaving only an "false sense of resolution" which they are hoping many will buy into. I wish I could, but I'm not as rich as them.

For the next 4 years, I'll be almost disconnected, just back in time to help decide on who should be chosen next. I sincerely hope that at least, I will still find familiar surroundings, or else, I guess that this will be a lost cause, and there's no point staying.

09:10 30 Apr 2012